Benefits of Mobile vet care

Veterinary care done at your home or workplace is less stressful for you and your pet, making it a perfect alternative to making a trip to a veterinary clinic.  


Pets are much more relaxed and tolerant in their own homes.  A home visit allows for close observation and evaluation of the pet in its home environment.  This can be especially true for birds and small mammals.  This may provide invaluable insight on behavior & potential health risks.  

Parents with family obligations, busy professionals, seniors, or owners of multiple pets can all enjoy the benefit of having a veterinarian come directly to your home. 


What to expect

The typical housecall visit for a single pet lasts about an hour.  This gives you much more one on one time with the veterinarian discussing your pet’s unique medical needs.  Personal care for your pet is done in a relaxed and unhurried manner and your input is encouraged.

Although most pets are better in their own home, some pets may become more aggressive towards strangers in their home.  These pets should be taken to a full service veterinary clinic that has more staff & equipment to allow for safer handling.


- The housecall fee is $45.00 - this covers travel time and associated costs such as vehicle maintenance & repair.

- The exam fee is $55.00 for the first pet;  any additional pets are $42.00 each.

- Fees for services are comparable to those charged by typical veterinary clinics.  

- An estimate will gladly be provided upon request.

Areas outside of Anchorage and Eagle River will be charged a higher housecall fee because of the additional travel time.

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