- The housecall fee is $45.00 - this covers travel time and associated costs such as vehicle maintenance & repair.

- The exam fee is $55.00 for the first pet;  any additional pets seen on that day are $42.00 each.

- Fees for other services are comparable to those charged by typical veterinary clinics.  

- An estimate will gladly be provided upon request.

Areas outside of Anchorage and Eagle River will be charged a higher housecall fee because of the additional travel time.

urgent care for minor illnesses & injuries

Home euthanasia


   - annual wellness exams & vaccinations for dogs & cats

   - puppy & kitten exams & vaccination series

   - exams for birds & small mammals including ferrets

   - microchipping


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   - wellness blood work

   - ear smears

   - aspirates 

   - urinalysis

   - fecal examinations for internal parasites

   - diabetes monitoring

The vast majority of visits to a veterinary clinic can easily be accomplished in the comfort of your home.  The following is a list of available services: 

preventative care


Special diagnostics such as X-rays & ultrasound can be arranged to be performed at local veterinary clinics.  surgical Procedures will also be referred.

hospice care for geriatric or terminally ill pets

Acupuncture & Herbal Therapy 


 - Used as sole therapy or as part of an integrative approach to treatment

Routine laboratory Services

 - ear infections

 - skin infections

 - lameness exams

 - vomiting/diarrhea

 - poor appetite

 - urinary tract infections

 - wounds

health certificates for traveling pets